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About Us


Non-Profit Organization

North Platte Walleyes Unlimited is a nonprofit organization started by a group of guys who loved to fish for Walleye. Since being established in 1990 we have grown to an organization that promotes education and conservation of the species in the State of Wyoming. We participate and organize informative and educational seminars. North Platte Walleyes Unlimited Inc. is dedicated to walleyes and walleye fishermen in the Cowboy State and is a non-profit local organization that is not supported by any national organization. Our funds raised stay here locally. The poles we give out free to kids are spread throughout the State of Wyoming. We hold free walleye seminars open to the public to teach beginner, novice, and avid anglers the how, when, and where techniques to catch the ever-elusive walleye. Wyoming's waters provide countless days of recreation for Wyoming residents and an increasing number of nonresident anglers who come here to seek trophies and use selective harvest to provide fine table fare for their families. With members from all across Wyoming, and surrounding States, NPWU is dedicated to improving our fisheries, fostering family-based recreation, promoting sound conservation ethics, supporting both the weekend angler and the tournament fisherman, and to introduce the great sport of fishing to as many Wyoming youths as possible. We work closely with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department to help shape and improve our walleye fisheries and regulations. Over the years we have purchased over $100,000 in fishing poles and tackle for our youth to be given way at various venues. We have provided the youth in our State, through the Harry Yesness, Newcastle, Boysen State Park free fishing kid’s day events in conjunction with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and the Casper Recreation Department, hundreds of free fishing poles and tackle every year. Events and programs like the Hunter Lewis Fitchie Fishing Derby;​ Toys for Tots Program; Fathers in the Field; Stuff The Van; VFW; Disabled American Veterans; Boys and Girls Club; Family Support group for the National Guardsmen and a special needs classroom all have received poles or assistance. Schools like Alcova, Red Butte, Montessori, Mountain View, Verde James and others have received poles and tackle boxes. NPWU also provides free fishing poles for many other organizations around the Cowboy State that may need them just for the asking. North Platte Walleyes Unlimited has worked with Tasha Sorensen, Hunter & Angler Recruitment coordinator and started a new family based outdoor program called “Forever Wild Workshops” they held their first outing last June. NPWU partnered with them to provide 60 fishing poles and tackle for their outing in Lander. NPWU has implemented an educational winter ice fishing program this year partnering with Casper College, Boys and Girls Club and other organizations on a local reservoir for this winter. We have also had the opportunity to work with Janet Milek, Aquatic Education coordinator on a special Youth Project. This program is similar to the Cut Slam program, but is centered on the Percid Fish Species. NPWU has remained very active in community service over the years. We supported financially every year from its inception, the Wyoming Hunting & Fishing Heritage Expo as a Gold sponsor. Last year the Wyoming Game and Fish started up again the Wyoming Game and Fish Trek Expo where we gave out over 720 poles free to kids all across the State. Some of our activities included donating to the Wyoming Fly Casters Club to help promote constant flow of water through Fremont Canyon at Alcova Reservoir to improve a trout fishery, the club donated to the Wyoming Game and Fish in the Lander district for equipment for their crappie habitat enhancement program at their request; We donated to the Casper Department of Wyoming Game and Fish for gravel for the Aquatic Invasive Species boat inspection sites at Alcova and Pathfinder. ​We have purchased and donated two courtesy docks to Pathfinder and to Alcova Reservoir to help ease the congestion at the boat ramps. We were an initial primary financial sponsor and continue to be a contributor to the Casper Fire/EMS life jacket loan program. As a club in the past we gathered, transported, and sunk hundreds of Christmas trees into Boysen and Golden Eye reservoirs for habitat enhancement with the guidance of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. This year we have continued this relationship with helping to provide more cinder blocks for Ocean Lake. In 2016 we donated $5000.00 to the Whiskey Mountain Conservation Camp renovation. We have donated $24000.00 to the Wyoming Game and Fish for the 2017 Pathfinder Reservoir Creel Survey Program. We also participated in and handed out over 380 poles to kids at the Wyoming Game and Fish “Wyoming Outdoor Weekend” Expo event in Lander in 2017. We are also aware of the less fortunate in our community and have donated to the Disabled American Veterans, Salvation Army, Food Bank of the Rockies, Food for Thought, Meals on Wheels, Joshua’s Storehouse and several other charities and organizations every year. We have established, through the Casper College Foundation, a perpetual scholarship endowment that this year provided an $800.00 scholarship to a Casper College student. We have also participated with fellow outdoors men and woman who would like to promote the great outdoors of Wyoming on the television show, “Wyomings Call of the Wild”. They also would like for all sporting groups to promote the outdoors and involve todays youth into all sorts of outdoor activities. We maintain an informational website dealing with Wyoming news and conditions. We are actively seeking projects that will improve our fisheries and waterways so that more people may take enjoyment of what Wyoming has to offer. If you hear of any programs needing assistance, please contact us for consideration. 



North Platte Walleyes Unlimited raises funds for its educational, charitable, conservation and free fishing pole programs. 

North Platte Walleyes has also run a very successful "Toughman" Tournament every year that is one of our main membership drives. You have to be a member to fish it and we are now  going on our 28th year. This year April 25th, 2020 is the date.  The Toughman got its name due to the weather conditions during the time of year we hold it. Depending on mother nature it could be 40 degrees and sunny to 25 degrees and snowing with blizzard conditions! Hence its name! and trust me, if you have ever fished it, you've learned its reputation and qualify as a Toughman! Also at the 2019 Wyoming Game and Fish Expo at the Events Center we handed out over 700 free poles to students and participants of all ages. Statewide free fishing day and our kids free pole give away at Yesness Pond where we give away another 330+ poles is 6/3/2020. 


Thank You

   With the funds raised from your donations throughout the years we have been able to give out thousands of free fishing poles and hundreds of free tackle boxes to kids throughout the State of Wyoming. Last year we initiated an Ice Fishing Education and Loaner Program. We were also able to participate in and handed out over 700 free poles to kids at the Wyoming Game and Fish Wyoming Outdoor Trek Expo event in Casper. We look forward to the Expo event again in Casper this year! With members from all across Wyoming and surrounding States, NPWU is dedicated to improving our fisheries and we want say thanks for your kindness and generosity. We look forward to working with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and other Organizations to help shape and improve our walleye fisheries and regulations. We cannot do this without the generous donations and support from our community and help from all our Volunteers. 

Thank You!

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